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Here are all the things I am making/creating. Click each picture for a full size view.

My Workspace 

This is my current workspace/studio. This is where the magic happens... Literally, I also keep all of my Magic the Gathering cards in here. Of course I had to add a space flare, so I added a board to hold some of my tools for my printers. This was based off the work boards they use on the International Space Station.

Large 3D Printed Kaiju

Each of these prints were roughly around 100 parts and each one took over 200 hours. 


Articulating Dragons

These guys are resin printed, and were also printed as one piece. The detail and articulation is awesome!

Predator Grip Arm

This print really tests how well your printer is calibrated. It prints in one piece with multiple gears.


3D printed a birdhouse, I used a clear resin for the windows so you can see the food. I even printed the bracket that it is hanging from.

3D Printed Lamp